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Jatu Maya

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This Chevron Mens Polo shirt is fully sublimated and showcases the artwork Reconciliation by Whadjuk, Balladong, and Eastern Arrernte artist J.D. Penangke

The artwork is about reconciliation, with the symbol in the centre representing a meeting place where people are coming together. The greens represent the bushland of Noongar country and the different patterns inside the yellows represent the diversity within everyone and within Chevron. The orange symbolises the energy of people coming together, and the blue and red colours symbolise Chevron and its reconciliation journey

  • JD Penangke

For every polo sold, Chevron will donate $20 to the Stars Foundation. These funds will help empower young Aboriginal girls through their mentoring programs at Perth and Pilbara schools. The programs aim to increase school attendance, improve academic performance, increase graduation rates and facilitate a smooth transition into the workforce or further study.

In addition to artwork on the front and back, it also includes the Aboriginal Flag on the right sleeve, the Torres Strait Islander flag on the left sleeve, a NAIDOC 2024 logo on the right chest and the Chevron logo on the left chest.

Product and Size Information

  • 100% Polyester
  • 155gsm

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