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Jatu Maya

Kintyre Mens Sublimated Shirt

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Created under a licensing agreement, this fully sublimated polo shirt features artwork from the Kintyre artwork, a joint work by 23 artists, celebrating the heart of Martu country.

Produced to be a part of FORM's Tracks We Share project, Martu artists embarked upon the creation of a large-scale collaborative painting depicting the Country and stories of Kintyre. Martu filmmaker and FORM project officer Curtis Taylor, FORM project officer Greg Taylor/Annie McLoughlin and Martumili staff and artists travelled to Parnngurr to attend an intense period of art making and conversation.

Under the tutelage and direction from their elders, young artists laid the groundwork for the painting, with elders adding layers of details and knowledge to these foundations. Created by 23 artists over 18 months, the resulting artwork brings together stories of jukurrpa (dreaming), pre-colonial Martu life, personal histories, and contemporary mining interference with the important site of Kintyre, located within the heart of Martu Country- Karlamilyi national park.

“Young and old gotta do ‘im together- old people gotta learn the young fellas about that place. Country. Martumili (belonging to Martu).”

  • Wokka Taylor (dec)

Kintyre, 2021, acrylic on line, 300cm x 495cm, by Ngamaru Bidu, Marilyn Bullen, Derrick Butt, Jenny Butt, Mayika Chapman, Robina Clause, Kumpaya Girgirba, Kiarah Jadai, Shirley Jadai, Yvonne Mandijalu, Judith Anya Samson, Curtis Taylor, Desmond Taylor, Ignatius Taylor, Muuki Taylor, Ngalangka Nola Taylor, Nikeal Taylor, Wokka Taylor (dec.), Christine Thomas, Maisie Ward, Corban Clause Williams, and Tamisha Williams.

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