Information for Chevron Employees

Welcome to Chevron NAIDOC 2024!

We're excited to be partnering with Chevron to provide corporate wear featuring an amazing artwork, while also supporting the Stars Foundation.

This corporate wear showcases the brilliant work of J.D. Penangke, whose Reconciliation artwork is prominent on every garment.

Can you tell me more about supporting the Stars Foundation?

For every shirt or blouse sold, Chevron will donate $20 to the Stars Foundation.

These funds will help empower young Aboriginal girls through their mentoring programs at Perth and Pilbara schools. The programs aim to increase school attendance, improve academic performance, increase graduation rates and facilitate a smooth transition into the workforce or further study.

When is the pre-order period?

Pre-orders can be placed between the 20th of May and the 18th of June, following this the shirts will be manufactured. All shirts will be sent to Chevron before the end of July and the Indigenous Employee Network will notify you regarding collection from your preferred location.

What location information do I need to provide?

On the cart page, under the items, there will be a field for you to provide your site location so that the items can be sent to your preferred location.

Sounds great! So how do we order?

You'll need to log in or create a new account with your Chevron email. You can do that by going up to the person icon () that is in the top right of the screen. Once you've logged in, you'll be able to access the Chevron products by clicking on 'Products' in the top menu on any page or you can go straight to the Chevron collection with this link.

Please be aware that we do sell non-Chevron products as well. All Chevron items will have Chevron in the title, but if you do order one by mistake, please let us know and we'll swap it over to a Chevron one for you.

Help, I can't see the products!

Make sure that you have activated your account if it is a new one. Check your email and the junk for an email about account activation. Once your account is activated, you should be able to see the Chevron Corporate items on the Products page.

Contact us

If you have any trouble at all finding and purchasing the products you want, please email us at or use the chat widget on any page to drop us an offline message. We will endeavour to get back to you within a business day.

If you have an account, log in here. If you haven't created an account, click here.