The Pilbara region of Western Australia means iron ore to many people but there is a rich tapestry of Aboriginal culture and a multitude of language and cultural groups in the area. Predominantly arid and red, this is reflected in artwork originating from the area, although there are some remarkable gorges in the region as well.
There are many galleries and art collectives in the region. These galleries are very different to the traditional concept of an art gallery in that they do more than just produce and sell art. These institutions are responsible for maintaining the wellbeing of many Aboriginal people, which is why we are proud to support them.
Reflecting the environment in which they were created, the body of art originating from the Pilbara region is dominated by dry and earthy tones of brown and red. To the casual observer, the area may seem devoid of life but to the peoples of the land, there is a multitude of remarkable flora and fauna if you know where to look.
The Pilbara region has a rich cultural tradition which is maintained through many non-profit organisations.