Melissa Riley

In Their Words:

“I am an accomplished artist descended from the Wardandi, Wadjuk and Wagl Keip Noongar people of Western Australia.

Raised in a strong Noongar household, I am very proud of my heritage and gather inner strength from the knowledge passed down from my parents, from their ancestors. I have deep connections with culture and land. 

My artworks are greatly influenced by nature and its many colours including plants, elements, the skies, as well as events that have occurred in my childhood. 

I recall hunting trips with family, capturing stories told by grandparents, travelling back and forth to country especially during the springtime when all the wildflowers are flourishing out in abundance. 

I believe it is important to continue utilising my experiences gained, to create artwork that depict Noongar history-stories which assists in passing down vital historic information to our younger generations and others.

My passion for art extends further from my own accomplishments and commitments to which I connect with local elders in art classes, showing respect and compassion towards the elderly while they participate and demonstrate in art. 

I believe art is therapeutic and wonderful for mental health. My ancestors have described how they loved living off the land, creating art out in the country with the most basic of materials.”

  • Melissa Riley
Melissa's artwork includes: