Nakamarra (Joan) Mandigalli

Nakamarra was born in Gordon Downs Station in 1956. Both her parents were painters, she learned her painting technique and knowledge of Country through stories told by her mother, Ngardi woman Maudi Mandigalli.

Raised between two worlds of the mission and the station, Nakarra settled in Balgo in the eighties when her children began school

Nakamarra is an active member of the Balgo community, growing up a large family and working for the Council. Nakamarra currently runs the aged care centre.


Artist Details

Nakamarra (Joan) Mandigalli, 1956, Wirrimanu (Balgo) Community, Kukatja & Jaru, North/North-East of Balgo near Sturt Creek

Nakamarra's artwork reflects her ancestor's Country, close to the present day Balgo.