2024 BHP National Ladies Embroidered Long Sleeve Bamboo Shirt

Jatu Maya

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This breathable long sleeve bamboo polo features the BHP logo on one side and the National BHP NAIDOC artwork on the other. This year's artwork is Pirrkili by Nancy Nyanjilpayi Chapman.

"I'm working on my painting of those waterholes, I was drinking from them long ago as a pujiman. My family's water, my grandmother's, my grandfathers and my ancestors. I was taught from them. Our knowledge is ancient and has been passed on by our grandparents. Young people need to keep looking after it.".

  • Nancy Nyanjilpayi Chapman

Pirrkili is a rockhole surrounded in all directions by permanent tali (sandhills), located east of Nyayartakujarra (Lake Dora) and south of Punmu Aboriginal community. Linyji (claypans) such as Pirrkili were traditionally visited more often during the wantajarra (wet season) when they were filled with water. 

This site lies within Nyanjilpayi’s ngurra (home Country, camp) through her uncle and grandmother, and forms part of the area which she knew intimately and travelled extensively in her youth.

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  • Bamboo Charcoal Interlock 165gsm - 50% polyester, 50% bamboo charcoal
  • Printed on Whadjuk land

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